Rally Pad

NOTE: Restraint not included, pad only!

The new Rally Pad is an alternative option for those who want to keep their NecksGen HNR snugly attached to their body. Spawned from requests by off-road and rally drivers who get in and out of their vehicles often for things like changing tires and winching or digging out. The Rally pad is a simple padded vest that replaces the standard pads, and clips under your arms and across your chest. Sized to fit most drivers, the Rally Pad is compatible with any Medium or Large REV, REV2 Lite, or REV2 Carbon (Sold Separately).  

Select the size below according to your device's shoulder platform width. (ie. If you have a REV2 Lite L3, you would choose a 3" model, if you have a REV2 Lite S2, you would choose a 2" model)

Shoulder Belt Width