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For a limited time, Necksgen is offering $150 in store credit for trading in any old SFI 38.1 restraint. Simply send in your old restraint along with your contact info, and we will email you a coupon code to use on our website for anything you want, or we can help you over the phone.


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SFI 38.1 spec. head and neck restraints are required to be recertified every 5 years. If you would like to have your NecksGen recertified, please box it up, slip in your contact info, and ship it to:


NecksGen Inc.
1176 Greenfield Dr.
El Cajon, Ca. 92021


Once we receive it we will inspect it, and call you for payment information. If you would like to know ahead of time what you could expect to pay, you can use this as a guide: Recertification estimation worksheet.