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For a limited time, Necksgen is offering $150 off a new Head and Neck Restraint for trading in any old SFI 38.1 restraint. Simply send in your old restraint along with your contact info, and we will email you a coupon code to use on our website for $150 off a new NecksGen head and neck restraint. If you would prefer, we can also take your order directly over the phone after we receive your old device. 

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NOTE: December and January are BY FAR the most popular months to send in recertifications.
Please bear with us and understand that lead times to finish and return recerts during these months may be longer than 3 weeks, and take note that our shop services are CLOSED Dec 24-Jan 1st.

If you need your device back faster, there is a $25 fee to move to the front of the line for RUSH services. 

-Info and guidelines for recerts is on the form below-


Right click/Save as to Save/Print Recert Form as pdf