Jr. Dragster Information



Effective June 1, 2020, NHRA has mandated that racers in most classes including Jr. Dragsters will be required to wear an SFI 38.1 rated Head and Neck Restraint. For many younger racers and parents alike, this is a welcomed change in advancing safety for the better. For some new to the sport, or unfamiliar with head and neck restraints, this can be a daunting task. Selecting a head and neck restraint can be a very personal thing for the driver. It is much akin to selecting a helmet that suits the driver, a head and neck restraint must fit comfortably, and provide the necessary protection. 

For most Jr. Dragster categories, a 2" (or 1.75") shoulder harness is used. Cars equipped with 2" belts will work great with ANY NecksGen HNR, even if it has accomodations for 3" wide belts. For younger or smaller drivers though, we suggest selecting a device that has 2" wide shoulders. Currently, these would either be the REV Medium 2", or the REV Small 2". The Medium 2" has a wide enough neck area to fit your teenager up through adulthood. The Small 2" only fits neck widths of just over 4", so if you measure the width of your driver's neck, and it exceeds 4", we recommend going with the Medium 2". 

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