Frequently Asked Questions


What are the advantages of the NecksGen REV unit?

Comfort – the REV takes comfort to a new level… there is no frontal yoke, with no pressure on your body or collar bone. Our low profile design gives full range of head motion with no front or rear interference with your helmet.

Side Impact Protection – due to the placement and angle of the lower tether mount, the NecksGen REV unit offers unsurpassed angular impact protection.

Safety – the REV performs exceptionally well in the SFI 38.1 sled tests. 

Clearance – the REV has a low profile design which creates minimal interference with the seat and helmet in the driving position.

Single Tether – the single self-aligning helmet tether creates full range of head motion while driving and offers maximum side impact protection.

Seat Belts – the NecksGen REV Large and Medium units accomodate up to 3″ seat belts. Small unit accomodates 2″ seat belts only. (4+ point harness required)

Affordable – $499 (REV med/lg)and comes complete with Quick Release Helmet Hardare. No extras needed.

Please see features page for more info

Does NecksGen make different sizes?

Yes. The NecksGen REV comes in 3 sizes. The medium unit fits most adults however your neck width will determine which size you need.

Measure the diameter of your neck just above your shirt collar:
6″+ wide – LARGE unit is for you!
4″ – 6″ wide – MEDIUM
4″ or smaller – SMALL (Note 2″ wide belts only)

Large unit is 7″ wide at the neck area, Medium is 6″ wide at the neck area and Small is 5″ wide at the neck area.

Large unit is 1″ wider than the medium unit but still accepts 2″ or 3″ seat belts. Small unit is 1″ narrower than the medium unit but can accommodate 2″ seat belts only.

Where is the NecksGen REV made?

The NecksGen REV is made in San Diego, California USA.

What is the NecksGen REV made from?

The NecksGen REV is made from a Dupont carbon fiber composite.

How heavy is the NecksGen REV?

The NecksGen REV is very lightweight, at 1.5 lbs for the large unit, 1.3 lbs for the medium and 1 lb for the small unit (with all tethers and hardware attachments). The NecksGen REV2 Lite is only 1.2 lbs (Medium).

Do I need special tools to install the helmet hardware?

No, the NecksGen REV uses standard tools. We do supply a tool kit.

What is your return policy?

NecksGen will refund any units that are unused and in sell-able condition within 30 days. A $30 restocking fee will be charged.

How can I get decals for my car?

The NecksGen comes with free decals for your car helmet. If you want more, please email a request to:

Do you sell cases for the NecksGen REV?

Carry bags can be purchased from the accessories tab.

Do you offer sponsorship?

As of 2021, all sponsorship requests should be submitted through the Sponsorships tab. By filling out your request we can better decide what level of sponsorship we can provide for your type of racing based on the current year's plan. Fill out your info here:


Will I be able to move my head from side to side?

Yes, the NecksGen REV has self aligning tethers that offer range of motion from left to right.

Will REV devices place pressure on my clavicle (collar bone)?

No, the NecksGen REV has no solid structure on your collar bone and has body forming pads which go under the seat belt at the collar bone position. There is no hard surface to press on your collar bone.

Will I need to buy shoulder pads?

No, the NecksGen REV comes with a pad that covers the contact point of the seat belt over the collar bone.

Will the NecksGen REV restrict my body movement while driving?

No, the NecksGen REV sits on the large trapezoidal muscle behind the shoulder. There is no interference on the frontal section of the driver.

Will the NecksGen unit interfere with my roll bar/cage?

No, the low rear section of the NecksGen allows easy access in tight areas with low roll bars, such as Dragsters and land speed cars.


Has the NecksGen REV passed any safety standard testing?

Yes – all NecksGen head and neck restraints have passed the mandated SFI 38.1 testing.

What is SFI testing?

The SFI Foundation, Inc. (SFI) is a non-profit organization established to issue and administer standards for specialty/performance automotive and racing equipment.

Is the NecksGen REV an approved device for my sanctioning body?

Most racing organizations in the USA, that have recently mandated neck restraints, require an SFI approved device. NecksGen REV is an SFI approved device. (Spec. 38.1)

How does the NecksGen REV stand up to other restraints in the market in testing?

Amazing! The NecksGen REV has passed the SFI test with results that exceed all of our expectations!

Does the NecksGen REV offer any side protection?

Yes, the NecksGen REV incorporates lateral tethers, that offer alternative load paths in side-on impact for superior protection.

Is the NecksGen REV flame resistant?

Yes, the NecksGen REV has been tested to the SFI flame testing standard.


Does the NecksGen REV come with a Quick Release helmet hardware?

Yes, included in the packaging will be quick release helmet hardware.

Is the Quick Release hardware easy to use?

Yes, to release from the helmet, simply pull the quick release tether and tilt your head forward or turn from side to side..

Do I need to buy additional helmet hardware or other accessories?

No, the NecksGen unit comes with all the helmet hardware needed. You can buy additional sets of Quick Release helmet hardware if you have multiple helmets.

Will I need to drill my helmet?

If you have a new SAH2010-2015, or SA2020 + helmet, or a pre-drilled helmet, simply use these pre-determined and drilled locations to mount your helmet hardware. If there are no holes in your helmet, you may need to drill the 2 holes to mount your hardware. Easy instructions are included.

What do I do if my helmet has been drilled?

The NecksGen will work using those holes! Simply install the Quick Release helmet hardware using the backing plate (load plate). Load plates must be purchased separately, and are no longer included with the helmet hardware. The backing plate goes in the inside of your helmet – between the foam and the inside shell of the helmet.

What if my helmet has never been drilled?

You can easily drill your helmet holes. Simple instructions are included with your device. 


Do I need to adjust my tethers? (REV, Original)

The NecksGen REV and Original tethers come a fixed length which has been predetermined in testing to allow proper protection for most drivers. However, all helmets are different in design and manufacture, therefore SAH2010+ pre-drilled holes may be in different positions. Drivers also have different neck lengths. Some drivers may be able to move their head forward and still not feel the tension of the tethers, this is ok. In the event of an accident, the unit is held back by the seat belts, whereas the body, neck & head will move forward and away from the device. It is at this point, that the tethers will tension up to minimize neck tension. Please refer to the Tether Length page to learn how to do a tether slack test to check that the tether is the correct length for you.

If you feel that you are unsafe or uncomfortable with the length of your tethers, you can purchase a shorter or longer tether from NecksGen to accommodate your needs. Before purchasing please do a tether slack test* to measure how much slack you have in the tether while seated and belted in your racecar. Your tether should be between 1″ and 3″ of total slack. 2″ is the ideal amount of slack, and the device begins to lose effectiveness above 3″ of slack. Do not purchase a tether that will allow more than 3″ of slack.

*The tether slack test is done by buckling into your car, looking straight ahead at the horizon, and pulling the loose/slack tether all to one side. The amount of tether that is excess is the slack. See more here.

What does the date on my tethers mean? Do they expire?

Before 2021 all NecksGen Head and Neck Restraints had a year of manufacture sewn into the tether. Tethers do not expire, but we recommend replacing them any time there has been a significant crash, you can see any sign of damage, or every 2 years. Devices manufactured after 2021 will not have a date sewn into the tethers in order to not cause the confusion over the dates.


Can I use 2” seatbelts with my NG?

Yes, 2” wide shoulder belts on 4+ point harnesses work with all NecksGen units. 3 point harnesses are not compatible.

Can I use 3” belts with my NG?

3″ belts work with the NecksGen REV, REV2 Lite, and Original devices in Large and Medium sizes. However, the small size units can only accept 2″ belts. Note that 3 point harnesses are not compatible.

Can I use Padded belts with my NG?

No, ideally the seatbelt shoulder harness will be free of any obstructions that would cause the device to interfere with the belts. There should be no need for a pad on the belt because the REV has enough padding.

What should the gap between my upper belts behind the seat be?

The gap can be as close as 4″ and as wide as 8″

What angle should the seat belts be from the mounting point to my shoulders?

We recommend anywhere from zero to 10 degrees below horizontal of the highest point on the shoulders. Your shoulder belts should pull you slightly down and back as you tighten them.

Why is the NecksGen REV not adjustable?

The NecksGen REV has no frontal yoke section and therefore does not need any adjustment. The tether may need to be longer or shorter to fit you properly, and tethers are available in 1 inch increments to fit almost anyone.

Can my seatbelts come off my shoulders while driving or during and accident?

The NecksGen REV has upper belt guides that will keep a secure belt on at all times. Just be sure to keep your shoulder harnesses tight.

Can the unit rotate while driving or during an accident?

The NecksGen REV has inner and outer belt guides designed to keep the unit aligned and in place at all times.

Does NecksGen work with my seat?

Most likely, Yes! The NecksGen REV line of products will work with most race seats without any modifications. Please be sure that both shoulder harnesses wrap around the shoulder and extend behind the seat at a -10 degree angle. (Slightly downward).


Do you do a 5 year recertification?

Yes, SFI 38.1 now requires a recertification after 5 years. The recertification costs will vary by device and it's needs, but typically it costs $125 average. 

What should I do if I have an accident?

After any accident, you should inspect the unit for any sign of damage. After a crash, the effectiveness of the NecksGen unit can be greatly diminished if there is any damage to the device. If you have any doubt about the integrity of your NecksGen, replace it or at the very least, send it back to us for inspection and/or recertification. Do not take any chances with your safety by racing with a compromised NecksGen unit.

Is the NecksGen water proof?

Yes, you can wash the NecksGen REV with soap and water.

Can I paint my NeckGen?

Yes, you can, but note that the NecksGen REV line is made from a carbon composite which is resistant to paints and solvents. Note that the SFI label cannot be removed or altered, so if you paint your device you will need to have it recertified after painting.

Can I take my NecksGen apart?

Yes, the NecksGen REV unit is a very simple assembly. Please be sure to follow all instructions in manual and installation guide on reassembly.


Why does the REV have a marble like look and texture to it?

The NecksGen REV unit is made from a carbon filled nylon composite. The material you see is carbon flowing throughout the structure adding an immense amount of strength.