SEAT INVENTORY REDUCTION! We have a limited number of seats that have 2023 FIA expiration dates. These seats will ship to you for free, and include free brackets!
Please call during business hours to place your order for HUGE savings! (AVG $300+ in savings!)
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Seat Cushion - Kidney Support

Provides extra padding and support to the lumbar area of your back. Can be used as padding in other areas of the seat also. Comes with sewn-in, hook-side velcro strips for positioning on your race seat. Includes 1 left and 1 right.

Soft covered with NecksGen logo embroidered. 9.5"tall, 6" wide, 1" thick with velcro on the back can be placed anywhere on the seat you want it for added support. Note: will not work with Vinyl covered 1000 series seats... because velcro doesn't stick to vinyl.