REV2 Carbon

The REV2 Carbon is new for 2020, and is currently the lightest head and neck restraint available. The Medium 2" tips the scales at less than 1 pound! The simple, small, easy to use design carries over from the popular REV2 Lite, and has the same level of certification and safety as all NecksGen head and neck restraints. The adjustable tether makes setting your slack and range of motion quick and simple. No need to worry about your seat angles or fiddly straps around your chest. Just put your belts on and go. Available in sizes to fit most all drivers, you just have to decide if you prefer the shiny gloss finsh, or the beautiful matte finsh. Quick release helmet hardware is always included with all NecksGen head and neck restraints.  


*Due to high demand, most of the second release batch of REV2 Carbons has almost completely sold out. You can still place your order now, and you will maintain your place in line.*

**Most new orders are currently slated to ship in March, some sizes are available now, call for details** 

Rev Sizes
Finish Coat
  • Sizing Chart

Sizing Chart for REV2 Lite and REV2 Carbon 3" sizes.

Sizing Chart for REV2 Lite and REV2 Carbon